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What to do with the information from the game

Before we can hack the save game file, we need to know exactly what to look for.

Now would be a good time to type the source code (included before the glossary) into a Pascal compiler and run it, if you have a Pascal compiler that is. You can get Pascal compilers off the Internet or from a computer store.

If you don't have a Pascal editor or compiler, then you will have to do it manually (see the explanation of hexadecimal)

If you have the program, run it.

Enter the number you wrote down, (eg. 1000 in my example earlier) it will then give you some information like:

Enter a number to convert to disk hex: 1000
Original Number entered 1000
base 10 [normal] 232 3 0 0
base 16 [hex] E8-03-00-00
Hit enter to exit

Write down the "base 16 [hex]" information, in the above example it was "E8-03-00-00"

Now would be a good time to decide what to change the figure to, eg. One million (1000000)
Run the program again and type in 1000000, it will give you "40-42-0F-00"

By now you should have something like this written down:

1000 credits

Now you are ready for the next step.