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Actually hacking the game

Cautions: Ok this is the destructive part.
Most of the following instructions can corrupt (stuff up) your save game file, or in very rare cases even make your game trash its own files when you load the save game file.
So before we do anything, make sure that you are not hacking your only copy of the game (if it is shareware or pirated that is).
We should make a backup of the file we are going to modify, the easiest thing would be to insert a floppy disk in a drive, and copy the file we are changing to the floppy disk.
Using my earlier example, I would copy the file "c:\games\privater\game0003.sav" to A: drive, or simply copy it to "c:\games\privater\game0003.OLD " .

Lets Begin:
For this part, you will need a hexadecimal or disk editor.

Run the hex editor of your choice, and have it load the save game file you wrote down earlier,
in my example it was "c:\games\privater\game0003.sav".

Select the option which allows you to "search ", It will be called something similar to "find", "search", "advanced search", or "hex search".
When the search panel pops up and asks you to type in the search code, go to the "hex search" etc. part and type in the hex code for the number that you are searching for, in my on going example from the previous section, it would be "E8 03 00 00"

Hit the find / search / ok etc. button on the screen (usually hitting enter will do it) and if the search code is found, it will highlight it on screen, or just move the cursor to it. A hex edit screen looks a little like this:

Offset Hexadecimal ASCII

Go into the hexadecimal area (usually hitting tab, or clicking there with the mouse will take you there) and change the highlighted area to the hex codes of the new figure you chose earlier, in my earlier example it was 1000000 whose hex code is "40 42 0F 00". It would now look something like:

Offset Hexadecimal ASCII

Now repeat the above bulleted (l) steps until when you enter the search code and start the search, it can't find any occurrences of the hex code you entered.

At this point you simply save changes to the file you are editing and exit to dos, now you run the game, and load the save game file you just edited, if it loads ok and the amount of money has been changed to the figure you wanted it to be, play the game!