PhoenixX’s Mod
For ex galaxy Pacific Monolithics and Hills integrated downconverters.

1. Make a crossways cut on the old galaxy cable connector, and use a flat head screw driver to remove it. You may need to loosen nut first.
2. Unscrew the screw near the LNB, and put it somewhere safe
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3. Slide the LNB out.

Split the LNB at the narrow end; don’t worry too much about being neat, you will be butchering this end later for the cable anyway.   Work the seam open to the other end, if the seam refuses to split a few solid hits with a square shaped hammer or the back of an axe along the seam at the narrow end, (and later on the curved part), should crack the seam a little, allowing you to just pull it apart with your hands.
Text Box: 4.  Remove the circuit board, and take off the smaller radiation shield and put it somewhere safe.
Text Box: 5. Drill the 2 rivets holding the die cast metal out at the pickup end. (the two rivets on the wide end of the board) Don't drill any more out.
Text Box: 6. Get a hack saw and cut off about half a CM from the die cast metal. If you drilled the holes out, the die cast end should come off. Keep cutting into the track underneath until you see silicon, but no further. You need the rest of the board intact so it sits in the LNB case properly.
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7. This is Optional, but I recommend doing it anyway, as it makes the cable fit much more neatly; grind off the components on the side that you removed the smaller radiation shield from (this will allow your cable to fit hopefully).Even if you don’t grind them off, cut any tracks leading to the little metal square at the wide end (where the pickups are) to the rest of the circuit.

Text Box: 8. Solder the CORE of the cable you intend to use to the little "square" of metal on one side of the wide end of the board. (if you hold the board up to the light you will see it links via a hole to one side of the antenna pickup)  I have been told that you should use silver solder if possible.

Solder the outer cable or "braid" to the other pickup.. you should be able to make use of one of the rivet holes you drilled out earlier.. elegant ;o)

Text Box: 10. line the cable up along the narrow end of the board, and clip the radiation shield you removed earlier over it again to hold the cable in place.

11. drill or file a hole on the back of the LNB casing, and feed the cable through and replace the LNB casing over the circuit board. Very Tidy if done right :o)

12. Use a small piece of masking or packing tape to hold the two halfs together, or just a clamp, and run silicon sealer along the seam, and all around the cable where it exits the LNB casing. May also want a little where the old antenna connector screws in.

13. Feed your wire back through the antenna's square tube, and slide the LNB back into the antenna. (if you have a connector on cable already, you may need to remove the square pipe to do this as the bracket's screw gets in the way)
14. Re-attach the screw you removed earlier, and screw the old cable connector back into the antenna.  you may want to fill the end of the old antenna connector with silicon too – just to keep water out.
15. unless you added one already, attach your plug to the end of the cable that should be sticking out the back of the antenna now.
16. Check all the screws are on properly etc. Use your new antenna ;o)