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So you want to hack game files eh?

I suppose many readers may be wondering why they should bother?
Successfully hacking into a game can be interesting and even fun for some people.
You may discover something that was disabled in the game like different weapons, graphics or even levels.
Take for example the game Doom 2, according to some, there is actually more than 2 secret levels (which you can't normally/easily access when you play the game!).
(Hat tipped to Richard for that one)

Generally there are several reasons that people decide to create a hack for a game,

What equipment is needed?
The obvious equipment would be:
A computer and one or more games.

You will also need:

Notes: This manual will simply show how to do the most basic of hack's, mainly of save game files.
Since most games vary in there structure - creating more advanced hacks would be impossible to describe (and may be beyond my knowledge).
If you wish attempt more advanced game hacks I suggest learning how to program in machine code and assembler, as more complex hack's require you to physically rewrite parts of a game whilst leaving other parts intact.