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Command and Conquer

Ok on Command and Conquer you can give yourself some extra finances by following the the procedure that follows.

1: When you start a new level, wait for your money to finish counting up, and write down the figure.

2: Save the game (as soon as the money finishes counting), and exit from the program.

3: Execute


and enter the number you wrote down.

4: Write down the XX-XX-XX-XX code you receive.

5: Now type DIR/OD in the c&c directory, the most recent file should be your save game file.

6: Run your hex editor, load the save game file and start a hex search for the number you got from


7: When you find an occurrence of it replace it with something like 00-00-05-00,

8: Keep running a search for the code you got from


and replace all occurrences of it with  00-00-05-00.

00-00-05-00 will give you about 327680.

If you only want a more fair amount of cash to start with, eg. normally you start with 1000 and 5000 would be fairer, then enter the amount you want to get into


just before step 6 and use the hex code you get instead of 00-00-05-00.


Because of the odd way in which money is formatted in this game, the figure that you changed the money into, may not match what you wanted it to be.